Mainly my work comes from found situations. In this case cayenne is an exhibition title found near the exhibition site.


I cannot say that I work on the place of exhibition, as one would say of an in-situ work, but it remains nonetheless essential to my reflection.


Objects sometimes contain a hidden power within them. Deaf for good use. It’s visceral in me, but I can’t bring myself to use these objects as they present themselves to me.


My work is situated in this furtive moment when the thing that does not yet exist passes to the status of already finished.


By observing that the bone could become the matrix of the leg of the chair, I could suddenly apprehend the origin of the surrounding things in a completely different way.


The work as a summary


The object as an abstraction.


Work is only a series of opportunities, of choices, of which you have to seize the slightest detail.


If there are questions at the moment, it is by doing that I can answer them.